PAT model of efficiency thanks to the new 118 Central with UC technology

Thanks to the most sophisticated technologies in the field of digital communications and UC, the emergency call center of the new 118 of the Provincia Autonoma di Trento will manage the over 40,000 rescues per year with greater efficiency and safety for the citizens. The new coordination and control system will allow them to integrate the calls with a geolocalization system able to manage factors such as the position of the civil protection operators and means as well as walk trails and ski slopes of the Trentino Region.

The new system, which uses the latest generation of UC technologies, offers many advantages which result in an increased efficiency at the service of the citizens: the operators of 118, besides being able to monitor in real time where are the closest emergency means of transport and personnel thus optimizing time and logistics, will be able to identify the identity of the caller and the place where the rescue needs to be undertaken.

The complex system was carried out by IBT, that has developed and installed the telephone exchange with IP convergence and eco-servers, and Beta80, that has developed the application that made possible the dialogue between the recorded events and the cartography which is at the base of the geolocalization system.