Our services

Customized turnkey projects

From consulting to tailored executive design, to systems’ installation and maintenance, IBT means the advantage of an exclusive partner with all the necessary competences for the proper development of tailored solutions.


We take care of gathering all the necessary information to draft the technical and economic feasibility study in order to offer you the best solution to optimize the investment and guarantee its performance over time.


We specialize in the design of energy systems and tailored enterprise connectivity. The acquired know-how, our experience and the use of the most advanced technologies guarantee integrated solutions that offer the maximum performances available on the market.


We take care of the procurement and of the detailed engineering for each type of plant. From the development of purchase specifications to control of supplies and of their quality, thanks to a network of trusted suppliers, we guarantee sure and optimized times and costs.


We implement turnkey installations, pre-commissioning, commissioning and project start-up, coordinating the entire work team, including possible client’s direct suppliers, to guarantee, through a process of continuous monitoring and a consistent support through all phases, the achievement of the productivity objective and of the performances expectations.


We offer ordinary scheduled maintenance packages or full service, on the systems or products supplied to ensure constant support and the warranty of keeping the performance of your investment unaltered over time.


We guarantee our consultation for the entire life of the system or product supplied. We offer solutions to expand the investment, provide timely any type of spare part, monitor performance and provide training for your technical staff for the proper handling of the plants.