Siemens & IBT: together to present the HiMed HealthCare solutions in Italy @ Garda Wind Garda 2017

IBT and Siemens AG, leading player within the healthcare industry, will launch the new terminal HiMed solution, a clinical governance tool specific for the medical sector, on June 18, 2017 in the context of the Garda Wind Garda event, which will be held in the beautiful setting of Riva del Garda in Trentino.

The HiMed solution, already adopted in more than 1,200 hospital establishments around the world, is an easy and scalable system that adopts the latest ICT technologies, enabling the integration entertainment & information functionality into hospital IT architecture. This allows for a greater comfort of the patient who can, for example, independently and directly from his bed, enjoy entertainment services (such as TV, internet, social networks, etc.), even using his own device, order meals from the menu or ask for 24/7 assistance.

Terminale HiMed

At the same time, HiMed will allow hospital staff to benefit from a lower workload, being able to handle, centrally and in total security, any kind of information. For example they will be able to access the patient’s clinical data directly from the bedside, book exams or consult their outcomes, check out the schedule of medical prescriptions and drug delivery and so on. These features will allow for a greater user comfort, increased efficiency through cost optimization, but also through an additional source of revenue for the facility (through advertising and sales of products via the HiMed terminal, TV on demand services, etc.).


In particular, Siemens and IBT will launch the latest HiMed Infotainment 4.0 solution, a particularly innovative multimedia display station with HD screen, videoconferencing system and touchscreen, on the occasion of the Regatta Rivalora that will be held on Sunday June 18th in Riva del Garda.